The Pillar met on 10 August, via zoom.


  • G21 Integrated Transport Strategy Briefing.


Karly Lovell provided an update on the progress of the G21 Region Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS), with key points noted below:

  • The G21 Region ITS will guide planning and investment in transport infrastructure and services that support our growing communities across Golden Plains, Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire, Queenscliffe and Colac Otway.
  • The development of the strategy will align to the following objectives:
  • Broad engagement and consultation
  • Current State behaviors and growth impacts
  • Embed land use in transport planning
  • Review systems, infrastructure, and plans
  • Outcomes focused towards 2042
  • Prioritize sustainable outcomes.
  • The strategy has been supported by the Department of Transport and funding has been received by Regional Development Victoria.
  • The Project control group has been established with the proposed members listed: G21 CEO Giulia Baggio – Chair, G21 Board member Martin Cutter, G21 Transport Pillar Karly Lovell, Department of Transport representative Jozef Vass, Regional Development Victoria representative Serap Boz, CEO Committee for Geelong Jennifer Cromarty, Barwon Regional Partnership representative Robyn Seymour.
  • Jess Harris has been appointed as the project manager and a tender process is underway to appoint the consultant team with an expected appointment date in October 2021.

Pillar feedback:

The pillar was given the opportunity to provide feedback with key points noted below:

  • The pillar expressed concerns with the existing disconnect between State Government groups, Local Government Areas (LGA’s) councils and communities and briefly expressed concerns with how to overcome this, recognising that this has been an ongoing challenge for integrated planning in the region.
  • The pillar highlighted the outcome of the VAGO report which concluded that the Department of Transport and its predecessors have historically not succeeded in integrated transport planning.
  • The Pillar discussed whether the development of the ITS would delay existing projects and discussion ensued around the rapid growth in the region and the danger in delay as short-term micro-opportunities can be missed.
  • The Pillar discussed whether there was an opportunity to focus on completing short term micro-opportunities with the G21 Transport Pillar playing a more active role.

Projects for focus during the year include:

Priority projects

  • Regional rail connections
  • G21 regional road connections


  • G21 Integrated Transport Strategy
  • Centre for Transport and mobility trials and innovation
  • Geelong railway station redevelopment
  • Great Ocean Road upgrade
  • Queenscliff to Sorrento ferry terminal
  • Transport connection to Avalon airport
  • Transport links to Melbourne.

The pillar will strongly focus on developing the G21 Integrated Transport Strategy while continuing to advocate across key project priorities and exploring the opportunities for innovation for our region.

Next Meeting: October 12, 2021, 9.00 am – 10.30 am via zoom.