The G21 consultation process commences at community level.

The community identifies and presents projects through the relevant G21 Pillar, which establish whether the project aligns against the objectives of, and contributes to the implementation of, ‘The G21 Geelong Region Plan’. If the Pillar considers the project to be of regional significance it becomes known as a Pillar Project.

Made up of experts in their respective fields, the G21 Pillars assess each Pillar Project against the G21 Priority Project criteria, including:

  • Social, environmental and economic benefits
  • Strategic alignment with the objectives of the ‘G21 Geelong Region Plan’
  • Leadership and human resources
  • Funding potential

If a project meets all criteria and has the support of a Pillar, it is then considered by the G21 Board for endorsement. If approved, these projects are known as ‘Priority Projects’ and become the key focus of G21’s activities.

G21 currently has 18 Pillar Projects that are endorsed by the G21 Board as ‘Priority Projects’. All of the G21 Priority Projects are considered critical to the sustainable growth of the G21 region.